21st at HONGKONG and MACAU part 1

It’s been 2 years since the last time I stopped pursuing this hobby of blogging, because of so many situation that has happened that kept me away from doing a journal about my daily life activity; especially with my love for Fashion and life. I’ve been telling some of my friends that I wanted to start and reinvent my new blog from the old one I had before. I’d like to thank Hannan Panolong and Alyssa Lucman for helping me out as well as giving me insights about the layout for this blog. Pardon for my informal way of writing by the way lol. It actually took me a week to get and have this simple layout; fixing and placing everything for presentation purposes. Finally! today is the day. As for my First Post, I would love to tell and share my first ever HongKong Experience; since some of my friends kept asking “how your trip?”. Now this is it!

jacket by GUESS, jeans by Lee Cooper, Shoes by New Look, sling bag by Marc O’Polo traveler bag, luggage by Pierre Cardin 

I was wearing an old denim jacket from GUESS that I transformed into this trendy ombre jacket; that I can teach how….sooner in my following post.

jacket by GUESS, v neck shirt by Tommy Hilfiger, shorts from bossini, shoes from new look, sunglasses by JADED U.K.

Going on… after checking in and leaving our stuffs at the hotel, the weather was a bit humid and windy so I decided to change clothes but keep my self made Ombre jacket that I was so proud of by the way(shallow me lol!). then my friend and I wouldn’t want to waste our time so we came up and head off to the Avenue of Stars. I fell in love with the view of The Hotel Peninsula in front of the Sheraton Hotel together with the street atmosphere while on our way, so I took the advantage and used it as my backdrop.

Avenue of the stars is actually one of the tourist’s spots in HongKong and one of the “must see” places at night in this town. I didn’t had chance to visit the Avenue of Stars at night because there were so many things to do and discover in HongKong but I was glad to have a picture to show you from “the Peak” of upper view at night; which will be posted on my next post! July is also a rainy weather at HongKong Like in the Philippines and it was out of luck for me to visit the places that I have to experience without the hassle of the unruly weather. But all in all, everything went well 😉


This is actually one of the experience I missed about HongKong; the SHREDDED SQUID! haha. I wish we have something like this in the Philippines. this single piece of shredded squid is around 168 PHP in our currency at the avenue of stars. It’s kinda pricey if you’d come to think of it, but the taste is all worth it and you would surely miss the taste once you’ve got to experience the Shredded Squid here in HongKong.

watch out for my 2nd post, covering my 4 days of adventure and 21st birthday Celebration here at HongKong! F5KNFJA6KREM


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