Modern Street

Sweat shirt by IZZUE, Long sleeves by New Look, Jeans By Lee Cooper, Shoes by H&M 


Wearing a fashionable sweater and a striped long sleeve was a perfect idea for the perfect weather and place. Matching my neutrals shade from white to gray and black with a little hint of blue for the cloudy weather in HongKong, as well as in Macau. I’m more of a polish look as you can see in my styles but I’m willing to go out of the box sooner in the future, and still place my identity that I want for myself. “be classy and never trashy” was something I always put in my mind,

every time I’am going to buy or pick an outfit that I’m going to wear. the rain and shine was very unpredictable during my trip so I decided to wear a faux leather shoes to keep my feet and socks dry from the rain. As to my previous entries, a sudden rain would wet my fabric made material shoes and my socks that makes you a  uncomfortable and bothersome because of the cold in your feet especially the feeling of damp in your shoes. It was not a good idea to wear a fabric material on a rainy season. I didn’t had the privileged to bring many shoes as I can; because I’m only allowed to check in 15 kg of baggage on my way to hongkong and it would only be total waste of money add some extra baggage just for the sake of clothing. and I blame the shoes for weight and space in my luggage haha! I dont want to risk using my charms for the free excess baggage like I remember when I was going back home to the Philippines from Singapore. I was carrying a hand weight more than my allowed kilos.Take it note, I was carrying two bags with a shopping bag that makes it three and I had to wear my heaviest shoes which was my boots to lessen the weight of my hand carry buddy bag so everything would be clear. lesson LEARNED!


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