HONGKONG and MACAU(part1.1)

After enjoying the moment and scenery at the Avenue of stars. It was time to rest for a while for the next adventure and more walking(mind you!),going ahead to “The Peak” to witness the breath taking  view that will make you fall in love and notice yourself being attach to the scenery. but thanks to MOTHER NATURE! for blowing a super duper cold wind with a fog and high temperature that ceases the moment. Sad to say it was time to go down the city, since “The Peak” hours is only upto 11pm. here are some photos that I want to share on our way to our destination.

sweat shirt by IZZUE, shorts by A.P.C., shoes by New Look

Jetco – Bank of China (Hong Kong) Bank of China Tower Branch

It was actually tiring to go up the hill towards the peak. I didn’t much took a photo of our way there, and our first stop was Madame Tussauds to me and greet the wax figure Icons of the century ;D(ka ching)

Michelle Yeoh

Nicole Kidman and Paulo Gonzales(hahahah)


hello! Audrey Hepburn

  goofing around with Mr Edward Cullen aka Rob Pattinson

Albert Einstein 

I’ve Finally had an Idea how one of my Idols looked like even thou it was just wax figure of him, it kinda game me goose bumps because it was like really seeing him in Person knowing how great he was and what kind of history he brought to the discovering of the world.

Barrack Obama

I wonder how it feels like to be a President, but I changed my mind cause I know there is something better.

Queen Elizabeth II and  HRH the Duke of Edinburgh


I was a little bit disappointed because the cease those who take pictures of Jackie Chan and some of the Celebrities like; Madona, Lady GaGa, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were under maintenance said by the crew of Madame Tussauds. NEXT STOP!!!

I just love this blurry and how those lights were twirling around. The view from the top was breath taking though it only gets really cold that a jacket is a must. Some of my friends tell me that it’s worst on the months of January and in the middle of February. I didn’t had a lot High quality photos taken because we were only using a camera phone by the way in case you were all wondering, I am using a camera phone, that is why pardon me haha. The last stop of this trip was MongKok. HongKong’s night market. we were actually late when got there some of the shops were closed. If only I had a DSLR with me at that time, I would have filled my whole memory card of photos from the whole street because of the spirit HonKong and it’s busy people at their own businesses.

here you go.. at last! my journey on my first day stay at HongKong. Keep Posted guys! there’s more.. 😀


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