Louis Vuitton Island


Louis Vuitton Island

Singapore has always been one of the places I love on this earth, also when it comes to Fashion. Where most people in the country expresses themselves thoroughly of their own approach of aesthetics. Louis Vuitton Island
can be found at the 5star Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Singapore has a very humid weather like the Philippines, and wearing many layers of clothes will surely give you a tub of sweat. But there are no worries, choosing the blazer perfect for the summer; paring it with shorts and gladiator sandals to achieve an edgey fashionable gentlemen look. Choosing a blazer fabric that is light and not cotton, instead of wearing a linen fabric underneath we can alternate with a cotton polo shirt fabric. that will keep you cool all the way. A gladiator sandals to give a different combination as well as air to you feet. then SHORTS! it will always give a summer look to whatever outfit youre gonna wear on a summer weather.

Louis Vuitton Island

black men's blazer

gladiator sandals

shirts by New Look, Blazzer by Mint, shorts by H&M, sandals by Panda, button belt by Mario Deboro. sunglasses by Jaded


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