Philippines Black tie, Blazer, Jacket, or a Suit

The middle of “Ber” month has arrived to the country. And now is the perfect time for the fashionistas out there to

bring out… and strut those coats and fur for manila to see haha. I am a huge fan of coats, blazer, or any jackets out there. It always make me feel different; a bit superior and unique for any reason, and I guess the same for other guys out there. It never feels wrong to be wearing the right fit of a jacket or your most trendy blazer to be wearing. Now that the that rainy and windy season has arrived, Its time for us to take advantage to channel our class, rocker, biker or whatever you call it jacket we have buried for months in our closet.

And by the way. the food was awesome at the Kitchen restaurant in Greenbelt3 makati.

blazer by Zara, tie by Nexus, Long sleeve by Hugo boss


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