the Philippine French Inspired Home Interior Living with style

It’s been  awhile since the last time I posted something here on my blog.

I was very busy about work and jumping around in different places. It was actually forbidden to take photos from where these images were taken from. but thanks to my colleagues who was so sneakly smart in taking some of the the candid shots posted on my site. I miss blogging, I was really busy at work and travelling the parts of manila. Prospecting Interiors and Branded collaborations of fashion houses like Missoni, to follow the Versace, Hermes, and Armani. the first in the Philippines brought you by century properties. Fashion meets living in style.

this is just a glimpse of what Manila and parts of makati will be. fashion and inspiration of different vibes from different countries will be incorporated in manila. As of the moment I’m being very careful to spread the information at my site, but would gladly entertain private questions if you must. those are just some of the interior of what a vertical building meets the jungle and an amazing concept of urban chic in the metro. there would be definitely more coming. 

Blazers by Massimo Dutti, Top by Retro, Tie by Nexus, Pants by Oxygen


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