Teenage style

It is my first time to wear a shirt underneath my sleeves out of rush and to portray an easy going and laze look from the regime of my day. To exude a vibe out of my ordinary get up to my colleagues that evening. 

It wasn’t a good start of my evening from some difficult people making complicated rules or such. Good thing that my Colleague/friend and I decided to watch “Gravity” at the movie house with her husband that night, after a chaotic meeting with our terrible/monster/villain/dragon bosses haha. excuse my anguish for reminiscing the feeling how bad my evening was going lol. enough with that story telling back with the outfit!

the sleeves I’m wearing that evening has been in my closet for centuries or forever since I can remember. going through some digging and diving just to match my favorite printed shirt

underneath. this is a very effortless outfit to look young and still fresh in any age that you maybe in a good sense. It isn’t complicated to pull off this look by grabbing a pair or jeans, shoes, t-shirt, and a sleeves to  look carefree that goes any of your day with style in your own way.

shoes from KSA army boots, Jeans by Lee Cooper, shirt by yishon, long sleeves by New Look


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