blooms in the summer

It is just about the right seam, trim, and tailors to sport a floral, or an excessive print for the men of the season. We’ve seen women of the 2013 gracing the streets and runway, strutting their looks of floral and modern day artistic print. It played a little qualm for some fashion savvies in suiting the masculinity of men in the idea, but for 2014 spring/summer it was just all about the right cut, fit, and palate to exhibit those looks for the season. It is not entirely new, as we’ve seen many fashion designers coming up and executing florals and print over the last year spring/summer 2013 season collection on the runways. A lot of men were a bit reluctant with the idea of floral, probably because the women have flaunt so much femininity about it. It only took a little time for men to be comfortable and spot a massive outfitter sporting the look. It’s comical to affirm that a lot of women encouraging men to wear the kind of prints and floral. Thanking those designers for working with the right combinations and patches that made it so irresistible, taking a fresh outtake and modern approach in demonstrating sartorial expression.


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