the Kanye West Fashion

I remember watching the 2011 Victoria’s Secret
fashion show way back when I was in college, while the
collaboration of Versace for H&M created so much buzz to many celebrities
and personalities being spotted wearing the hit collection. And it was when
Kanye came out of the runway, singing and performing while rocking that hit
bomber jacket from
Versace for H&M Men’s Collection, together
with Jay-Z in his Givenchy leather jacket and sweat pants, but I have to say
that Kanye rocked and killed it. Besides his performance from the Victoria’s
Secret fashion, I couldn’t help myself not to hail his style and fashion on the
runway. That is when my obsession to his choice of clothing and style started.
I began going through the web pages and magazines about him and his look,
obsessing about his gut by coming up with his outfit for the event or a day. It
felt like I couldn’t get enough surprise and connection with his style.

It dropped like a bomb in my heart after seeing
his picture with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose heading out for the Louis Vuitton
Fashion show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 at Le 104,
arriving in his Rabbit Fur Coat that Outrage PETA for the matter and some blogs
noting Amber on the Side.  It was a
series of Fur for the following year causing stir for some, but loved by many,
not because of the coat but his gut to pull off the coat. I know a lot men
sometime dreamed of when to wear the right big gorilla like fur, and there he
is spotted, parading and rocking those big fur on some of the fashion weeks in
Paris. It is our admiration to some Kanye fashion followers about his audacity in
sporting the extravagant look. 

Going on the later time with another fashion
icon and a reality star Kim Kardashian, arriving together at the Metropolitan
Gala wearing a Ricardo Tisci designed. As Kanye showed how to be sleek and well
put from the event while wearing Givenchy last year. It wasn’t only his style
that caught many, but also his affirmation of affection for Kim because while going through torment issues from some people, society pages and tabloids everywhere. Proving that he wasn’t only a style star but the right guy for Kim K… and right at that
night, the 35-year old entertainer closed the star-studded Met Gala event with
a surprise performance, Dressed in all black, wearing a star and stud embellished
Givenchy mask, gloves, shirt, kilt, and pants. It’s another phenomenal decision
from his outfit in the hip-hop rap genre for Yeezus

Kanye’s style has evolved over the years,
maintaining the opulence vibe in his taste. Expanding his venture in the biz by
creating his own A.P.C. fashion line; which debuted last January giving of
parka-inspired coats, streamlined cargo pants, and easy knits, collaborating
with International Editors, world famous athletes and some big names through
his collection.

      “That tone of those off-blues just make me really fucking happy, the
same as when I used to draw, or do ink, or oil painting, or do water colors, or
work on video games, or sonically put together these samples. I just have a
passion for putting the fabrics together. Remember how I said the whole thing? I would picture A dues in Milan being shot by Tommy ton.”

as little as 15 minutes from a GQ interview and a feature on their pages, that
he expressed his inspiration in his coming up collection with his line,
included is his admiration for classical men’s wear pieces.


                  “I’m better at like elegance and fabrication. Especially the next
seasons when I get into leather—I just like nice shit. And more timeless, less
trendy, because it’s like a thing that they almost want from you as a
rapper—like I said in the song ‘On Sight:’ ‘he’ll give us what we need / it may
not be what we want.’ And I’d rather make a contribution.”


                  And my fascination to his
style goes on so as to those fanatics out there. Our radars are still on the
hook for more surprise about his picks in fashion and style, so as his new life
with Kim Kardashian and North West. He sure is one definite style star.


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