When It’s time… to man up your style

let’s all be honest that we had fair share of our the bad hair days that we think our looks are cool. because guilty as charged… I had… with a thinking of putting up a hair gel makes me look like a retard and the days where I thought often wearing a black shirt and side bangs makes me feel “It”, plus when majority of your peers have the same shirt makes you want to have that shirt either. But gladly those days were gone. I think not only men can relate to this but also the women which is much more of a big deal and embarrassment for them. for the likes of some men who doesn’t care to what kind of fit they’re wearing and to some girls who put on uneven make up on their faces. I’m sure your high school friends and classmates can relate to this.

Now you can have a simple guide on which part of your look to start and when It’s time to upgrade and make some change.

1) Your hair… why? sporting the same old messy hair, untamed sides, or same old haircut will definitely become your trademark or possibly one of the things you’ll be ever known for. And taking it to the next level will surely give everyone a breath of fresh air to your presence… after all it’s one of the biggest change in your looks everyone will notice abruptly, besides your shoes. Taking yourself to a barber shop for some stylish haircut once every two to three months to just clean or polish your hairstyle. You can also pump it up with a shine free styling hair wax to give that mattifying look, or with a hair gel to give a sleek hair push back if you want to keep a little length or afraid for a new haircut. Here are some sample hairstyle, to show what kind of haircut you want to have for you hair.

2) There is always a good impression to women by men wearing a simple oxford button down shirt and the classic black tie. Not just by the women but to everyone around. It gives a man a simple sophistication, a little mystery and not to mention it also exudes respect. You can get rid of the tie for a normal day look.

3) facial hair… and when i say facial hair, every hair that is annoying at your face. A little stubble as long as it looks grooming and still makes you looking like you smell good is totally fine, but when people tell you that you already look like Moses or abraham maybe it’s time or it’s actually time to grab those blades and shave or trim those bush on your face. by the way… goatees were never cute or cool.

it’s a little awkward to talk with someone who has his nostril swinging down his nose… and admit! it gets 80% of your attention while in a conversation with someone. and that’s the only thing magnified in your mind. So I dare to recommend for us to take a little time to check in the mirror and trim those trills down your nose. Don’t pluck it out cause number one it hurts like hell and number 2 it filters the dust you breathe in the air.

4) Invest in a tailored fitted suit. Not every day you get to wear a suit especially if you’re living in a tropical country in the south east asia. but you’ll never know when you’re going to need one. so better have a tailored fitted one for you. trust me a suit is not like every girl’s dress to possibly be worn once or else it’s a crime. You can wear it on weddings, private parties, corporate celebrations, and romantic dates. it’s always better to look overdress in an event than under and there is no way to look like a less gentleman with a man wearing a suit.

5) you will know when it’s time to give up your favorite underwear.

worn out bacons, ( I know it’s disgusting but hey! maybe someone out there reading this needs a little reminder.)

6) Find that Iconic leather jacket that will make you feel like you’re James Dean. the classic leather biker jacket never gets old to anyone. It also goes with all the pieces you will have in your closet. weather it’s collared shirt or Tee’s, it is one of the most bad boy handsome look you can ever own at the back of your closet.

7) shoes… Part of being a gentleman and looking like one is being able to wear and own a leather shoes or perhaps some loafers. alot of men are very concious looking so formal in any leather shoes. brother… it’s not gonna make you look so formal unless you pair it up with something that has suit and tie in it.

8) toss those back pack’s if you’re not carrying alot junk or hiking the mountain but rather grab the briefcase bag.

your look will pretty much give an impression on how well you take care of yourself seriously. It’s also a representation on how you want to be perceived whether you like it or not. there is always an impression on how you look. and it’s only up to you about what you want to look like. these are just some easy simple guides to upgrade your style and startle everyone.


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  1. August 14, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    All of these celebrities are really stunning and hypnotizing.I really like the dressing and hair styles.Its all about good diet and obsession.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting

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