I don’t really have a good plan on how to celebrate my birthday last july 26 that night and day. I was even having 2nd thoughts if I should even celebrate. plus that I was also having a hard time what to wear haha. but gladly, everything went well. I told my friends that I want to have an intimate celebration. although some weren’t able to come because of the rain, but everything was worth it.

prior to my party. I’d like to thank the friends who made an effort to surprise me at the night welcoming my birthday, I really had no idea about the cake and all. I was really surprised.

I’d also like to thank everyone

who came to my party. I forgot to take some picture of my guest and pardon me for that, cause I got really drunk, but I hope everyone had fun and got really drunk. by the way the cupcake is just perfect! thanks to jazi my love.

the place is really cozy and very intimate(the way i wanted my birthday celebration to be), Il Ponticello Gastrolounge is good place if you desire to have the same vibe of celebration as well. the drinks are really cheap and very affordable for me.

Il Ponticello Gastrolounge is located at 

  • 2nd Flr., Antel Corporate Centre, 121 Valero St., Salcedo Village
  • 1227 Makati, Philippines


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