Dress for success

The “Ber” months is the least favorite weather of mine than the heat of the summer. It is also the time wherein Jackets and Coats are everywhere. I’m one guilty to sport one too by the way. Jackets, suits and blazers are really my thing, it gives you this feeling of power, confidence, and authority. My teacher from training said “Dress not just to impress, but also for success.” thought I was the only one taking it seriously in class but my Teacher “Red” too. I hate to say this that for now, I’m a corporate slave, but I know this won’t be for too long. September has just arrived and It’s time to reset or bring back what is hidden and buried along your closet. this is always the month where everyone change. this is the season where people embody something else. 

this is the kind of look that I go to for at work. a simple button down oxford sleeves, khaki pants, and corporate jacket to complete the corporate street style look.


shoes by H&M, pants by Lee Cooper, Shirt by Calvin Klein, jacket by SUIZU, Watch by Michael Kors, Bracelet by Cartier and Hermes

For style Savvy people like me, Fashion and style is a way of living. I remember what Andre leon talley said while sharing his experience how he wants his PJ’s, towels and undergarments monogrammed at Charvet in Paris “extravagance is how I approach the Aesthetics of living”. Since then, I had more reasons to apply the mystiques of the art in my way of living. maybe you should too. 


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