Intramuros: San agustin church (tourist destination in manila)

I’ve been staying in the Philippines for 5 years now and I have never set a foot on one of the historical places here in manila. It was around 1pm when my friend called and told me to “wake up! we’re going to san agustin church, already parked and here down your building”.

so I have to rush myself; just throwing whatever I can wear and grab my camera in such a hurry. I hate myself for not taking that much pictures of the whole intramuros experience that I had because I got carried away with everything that was happening haha. Intramuros gave me the feeling of being in a mix urban and historical vibe that is rare to find in manila. although there is better version of this in Vigan (part of ilocos) but I just want to share the little experience I had in this place.

My friend told me that there are real corpse stored in these walls. but they were transferred here from somewhere else that I already forgot. The place is just really majestic for me, that wasn’t paying attention anymore to what my friend was saying and explaining.

there are some parts of the museum that is not allowed to take pictures but stubborn me sneaked a peek of these three beautiful Ivory tusk made figures.

with my impulsiveness and attentiveness, I lost my favorite sunglass haha.

jeans by oxygen, shoes by penshoppe, shirt by calvin klein, sun glass by jaded, cartier bracelets

the experience was really awesome especially if you are fond of history and art, so I do recommend for you guys to visit the place and take good memories and pictures! haha ciao.


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