It was out of no where when my friend sent me a facebook message, inviting me to dine at a japanese restaurant located in makati. “little tokyo” abruptly popped in my head and it was the only place I know that serves a good japanese cuisine in concrete jungle of makati. It’s actually my 2nd time around in the place and fell in love with the japanese atmosphere the first time i went to visit. there is an unexpected japanese scene that I never knew existed here in the metro.

my first experience was at “Seryna” and took some picture using my camera phone which was last year 2013 around November before I flew to singapore for the christmas holiday.

the prices of food at Seryna is just reasonable and also to include the experience compared; to the commercialized and diversified japanese restaurants out there in the entire philippines and metro manila. definitely “Seryan” is one of the restaurants in little tokyo to pay a visit to have the japanese experience in the city of manila.

and so for the dinner and catching up with my friend last night, who begged not to post any disclaimed of her for her own grace haha. so this is what we had.

pardon my A.D.D because I forgot the name of the dishes we ordered but it’s all sushi anyway. it’s worth it!

Check out the lovely place and see for yourself. click on the link bellow to spot it on the map on your way there

Little tokyo Map directions and User’s review


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