This time, I will continuously tell my self to proof read all my post and not let my impulsive spontaneity get in the way to ending up in a mess with everything that I’m writing. I’ve embarrassed myself already and will just laugh it out about lol. after this post I’d probably get out the safe zone and write down whatever conservative, informative and vulgar thoughts in my mind. To further express more whatever interests I have to share in the cyber world and the whole world of course. enough about me… moving on, I’d like to share the more intimate version of my friend’s little birthday celebration compared to mine. not to mention the broken links that i’m pissed about from my previous post about my birthday.

the food was ok. not an over top steak house here in manila. the service wasn’t that outstanding but the staff are really welcoming and very friendly.

here are some of the pictures of the food we had. and mind you I still managed to have pics without looking bloated from all the food we had after that night. even thou I obviously gained weight in that picture, I’m already working out to get back in shape.
since I recently landed a job and now enough with the unhealthy drink, eat, sleep and repeat lifestyle I have. and I confess of being sometimes lazy posting. that’s why i don’t post that much of my lifestyle here in manila. but beyond that. I’d like to be inspiring with my next post and entertaining too 😉

piggy mode on this one

baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, caesar’s salad, buffalo wings and another set of baby back ribs! imagine? 

plus non stop set of bread and cheese while waiting for our meal.

shirt by H&M, shorts by Cotton crew, shoes by H&M, bracelets by Hermes Clic H, Cartier Love bracelets, Cartier Juste Un clou


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