While flipping to the feeds and timeline of my instagram, I came across to this quote “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” and it is quoted from Charles R. Swindol. We all go through a rough and tough circumstance somewhat in our lives. Our unstable emotions take us out to our good judgement about how to handle things often than not, we end up taking the wrong actions or decision about where we are. Sometimes, there is a feeling of a need to act on an impulse on something, instead to let it linger; by not acting on anything until we remove ourselves within our emotions that hinders our better judgement about our/the situation. 

At the end of our agony. We all have to risk in making decisions. To let go of the anxiety of whatever outcome our decisions will take. How your simple “NO” can bring someone else’s “YES” or how others stepping a foot backward can make your two feet move forward. we can practice to live on what we have every moment and work on something for tomorrow. you’ll never know that one day, you wake up living on something greater that you could have only imagined. stand up. be tough. learn how to equip yourself with the essential arsenals of what is needed in this world and life to survive. Accept life and embrace living. knowing when to fight or give up. keep questioning… until you find an answer. 

I know the first two paragraphs were serious, but hey… this is my blog anyway haha. this is just a once in a blue moon scenario in my life. moving forward! I got inspired by accessorizing something extravagant from my casual look to balance street style to high street(if you know what it means).

accessorizing with metal pieces and earth color to give a little complexity with my look

jacket by U2, DIY shirt, jeans by Levis, shoes by H&M, watch by michael kors, bag by Louis Vuitton, Bracelets by Hermes and Cartier


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