Taking Leaps away from the city (part1)

Visiting new places around the world and the country, is always a nurturing experience for me. hopping from one beach to another and getting there, always tells a whole different story. It is indeed that your lens are your eyes to everything you want the whole world to see, and I’m so grateful to share my experience away from the city.

I’d like to share first my inspiration with this look, As I wanted to show the breeze of the air from the beach vibe, I gained some weight though over the past few month of being busy at work, add a little slack in choosing sleeping more than working out because of my schedule but I dont want to miss this one this time.

Indeed everyday is always a lesson for me, some friends started to become a critique of my work here at my blog, but hey this is my blog… every blogger knows that they can write and post whatever they want, whenever they want. I will admit that I kinda got affected, but It’s a good thing I would say. some people will tell me like “your thoughts are blown out of proportion” and “my writings are too long” especially how some became a fcking grammar natzi or some kinda of expert in the english language. but there are still positive things that washes out the negative comments I receive from the people I know who aren’t even a possible clients or even fits to be featured in my blog or any blog for that matter; Is the fact that how other people that I don’t know from this cyberspace making an effort to write me an email, read my blog, admiring what I do, and offers to make a collaboration or do them a little help in promoting their site or product that benefits the both of us. Visiting the beach and getting there, got me right back on track to the things I love doing the most.

and here I am… continuing what I love doing and sharing to the whole world about it.

(flip flops by Havaianas, shorts by SM Department store, sleeves by Paul Smith, cap by harley davidson, bangle by Hermes)


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