Taking Leaps away from the city: the journey (part 2)

An hour plane ride. 4 hours sitting in the car… it was a sore. but the experience was worth.


city is always a comforting place for everybody to live in. just a few blocks away you end up in store where you can grab anything you want. a little hump outside the house, there you go… you can be indulging with an ice cream or your favorite drink.

┬ábut these pictures speaks different from what we commonly see or live in the city… It makes you appreciate life and be gratified more.




as people who lives away from modern civilization, strive to work and exert so much effort to feed themselves and walk miles to study for a brighter future. now the christmas is just around the corner. these are things that I’d like to be thankful for. Especially for opening my eyes into the wonders and life of other people.

it is indeed a very nurturing experience for me.


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