5 reason why my New’s year resolution: is to not make a new year’s resolution.


It became a tradition every new year to have a resolution. but this year… I felt like not having one. I’ve been telling myself to do the things I want at the moment and be at the present. everyday we try to set the bar to where we want and how we want things to end up. In the process, it felt like things were not falling in it’s own place or some were neglected along the way only to realize that you didn’t put so much effort about those resolutions you made.


1. who was successful about their New Year’s resolution?

Can you a give a name or anyone you know who was so proud about the success of their new year’s resolution? maybe we can get tips if there is anyone, or damn!! he’s not human. the thing is; there is a lot in the way that takes the things we have in  mind or the list we wanted to make. lucky if were able to do at least just one. or better yet. why not just make one. but one of the realities among like us. is that we forget. but hey. it’s always better to make one. I’m just saying, for a change.. why not to not make one.


2. Do still you still remember your New Year’s coming Aspiration?

I guess not. but applause to who ever you are if you do. but i’m guilty as charge that I don’t even remember what it is. and if your smiling reading this. hell yeah.. hi five!


3. Why not just try to always become who you want to become.

Isn’t it fun that we’re not trap in a pressure cooker to meet a deadline. but life has to have deadline you know ;D.. but who cares… maybe this year. just try to work your ass off until you don’t realize you’re already there. to be shocked that you’re standing and telling yourself “I’m here.. I did it.” with the subtle feeling of disbelief that you’re already there.  as what they say “the best things come when you least expect them.” and probably that’s what you can do this year.

Remove the EXPECT-ATION…


4. Keep finding what you want and just do it.

life is said to be a journey… a never ending journey. same as with the clothes you wear. you keep looking for the perfect fit and perfect match for welcoming fate or destiny.


5. Always try to be better than ever.

you know where you stand right now… all you have to do is just make it better. (no proof reading.. was drunk)


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