The change you least expect…


they say “that the best things in life comes when you least expect them.” before moving out of manila… the truth is. I wanted to run away from whatever I have in that city. I’m still a little hesitant to move out… pondering and wondering about the life that I have to give up and convincing myself that I have nothing left in that city. not to get me wrong but I love manila, It brought me so much learning and adventure that made me who I’am today.. from the people and the friends that I have made; but when the day finally arrived that I had to make a choice… I followed my instincts and set my foot on the plane jan 14, 2015. this is what I did not expected..





those are one of the reasons why I was glad that I finally decided to move out. but things are not permanent… I sometimes think that my life is roller coaster and I go up and down to my decisions in life, but this time I want to have dignity in my decisions and take it as it is. this is only the beginning of the journey that i am about to start in my life… there is more beautiful pictures to come…

and now time for my dramaram.. lol.



the Katara is one of the must visit places here in Doha qatar, a mixture of culture and architecture plus their modern approach to their infrastructures. It’s very refreshing to see these kind of places, where culture meets the modernity. there is a lot of metropolitan city in any parts of most country. but what makes Doha Qatar a little exceptional is because they managed to preserve the Arabian Inspiration and atmosphere; unlike other metropolitan cities in some parts of Asia.

further more… there is a lot of things to explore here in doha, as night clubs appear at almost every hotel in this city… but drinks are kinda pricey as unlike to manila. but it’s a nice place to visit, a lot of places to see and explore. it’s one of the most safe and peaceful country i’ve seen so far in my life. less stress and

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I would say that another journey in my life has just begun. a huge chapter to fill and to share. memories to make and dreams to make happen. I knew from the very beginning that life would always be bumpy; as I continue to learn new things that the world has to offer. running away can show a sign of weakness rather than facing what we have on our feet. but there are times in life that in order for us to move forward is we have to stop looking back.. am i gonna look back? soon.. but for now… all i wanna do is keep moving forward. and I would quote this for the nth time “the choices you make in life defines what you can become… and you have to ask yourself. if you like the person you are becoming?” a question that I answer every day with a yes or no… what is yours?


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