Iphonetography: Montreal Canada

Switching memory cards onto your laptop or pc is a lot of work. There were tons of instances that id have to find convinience store in the middle of a country of no where because i forgot to unplug my memory card from my computer back home. And this is one of the trips that I hate myself for neglecting to bring it with(since an slr with be useles without it’s memory), and of course our mobile phones are our 2nd brain or 2nd soul now a days.

And so i’d have to opt to my iphone to not miss the beautiful view im seeing by the use camera phone. I used to post pics from my archive using my camera phone, but i have to process everything and retouch the colors and brightness of everything wrong in the picture.

But so far iphone is doing it’s job well. There is no filter by the way. Everything was taken the way it is(I’m actually blogging using my phone).

I’m really impressed with the outcome of my photos. And so moving on… This was in montreal canada. The biggest church in montreal. Its been around a decade now, as far as I’am informed. but im not really sure. just an update, my phone was stolen in the aircraft…. and i know. poor me.


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