Why travelling Enriches you

Segovia, Spain

For the past 3 months that I have been out and about, going to different countries and places. I’ve learned a lot of things. This time I’ll try to post more about my travels and blog as much as I can. things that made me more understand the world, people and especially more of myself. along the way, I’ve had struggle from people telling me what to do and friends acting like they always know better than me and with the choices I make in life. that struck me a little I have to admit. but this is my life. and like you someone reading this out there. don’t let others struck you with other’s piece of mind or principle. it’s your life… take rule of it.

1. I learned that “I’m not the Center of the world”

As I was walking along the beautiful town of Segovia in Spain. I saw tons of teenagers for a trip and some tourist enjoying the view or some local individuals finding answers… wishing luck. that I came to realize that I was one of them. when I was younger; on my teenage days, I always felt that the world is in the grasp of my hands. My foolish youth is always attached with selfishness, envy and big bowl of random insecurities. I always wanted to feel important. be in the scene. then as I began to enter adulthood, I also begin to understand more of my self and especially the people around me. and as I continuously walk the trails of Segovia, I saw the bits and pieces of who I was then; from the teenagers who were awed to world and having a great time. a tourist enjoying the view. an individual always looking for an answer. and wishing luck at everything i hope and do. that is when i came to fully accept, I was one of them.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. The New and old friends you made.

In my generation… facebook is always a mean of reference to the people we know and the people we want to keep in touch with. not only it keeps you up to date about their lives, but it also helps you to be more connected to them. in the course of my life, I have met of a lot of people from school, classes, gyms, social events, travels, and parties etc… spent some good quality time with a few and made some connection from them in the past. I was back home browsing through my facebook and felt bad realising the people that seemed a friend before and now became a total stranger at the present moment of my life, as I couldn’t even say we’re even acquainted anymore, how we used  to share things in the past and suddenly ended up feeling like they’re a total different person. and on the brighter side. you also realize the people who stayed. who has been there for you through thick and thin, to fun times and sad, especially the best and the worst. and the new friends who were rising. new relationships blossoming. It’s so comforting to know the people that you know you’re gonna witness growing old with. and have a wall. that you both wont change for each other. still share the silly, weird, sometimes wild and funny moments you’re secure doing. and you guys know who you are.

London, United Kingdom

3. Relationships

I have been away from my family for a year now. because of my job and me deciding to move out and relocate to another country. I became more connected with them. But family is always family. It is always important to get connected to the people you care about. because life goes so fast and it will surprise you with a blink of an eye. and it’s important to keep the connection from the people you care about. and relationships you have built with them for years.

Tokyo, Japan

4. Knowing who you really are.

at 22 turning 23 next month. it’s still a struggle for me defining myself. but day by day. I always discover something new about myself. my ability to embrace the changes and remain the character  I have thus explore the character that has always been somewhere buried inside me. along the way and especially when you’re young. there is always an influence of the people or environment surrounding you. older people telling you what to do and what you should do; and you look at their life at the present moment, and they do well at defending themselves in their current situation how bitter but sugar coating it sweet as of the moment. never the less. it’s part of growing up. you’d realize your true self when you’ve detach yourself from them. from the people who’ve held you back a little. I did start from scratch again. building and rebuilding myself and the relationships with the people around me. but i can say I’m a little bit successful doing it as of the moment… hehe. as I recalled a character from a book of Paulo Coelho’s 11 minutes “When I stopped being who I am, I found myself.” I may have define some ladder I’ve taken about myself. but the next step is always a surprise. about the things I didn’t know I can do.

Stockholm, Sweden

5. Gratitude

I wasn’t the person before who is always thankful for what I have. I know I had an easy life. privilege somehow. I was able to have this and have that. get this, get that. do this and do that. I don’t think about much on what’s going on around me, and all I know is to have fun. when you live a certain standard of living and everything seems to be normal around you. gratitude does not appear around your system. when you’re used to the good stuff throughout your life, its a normal everyday cycle that you don’t notice that it’s out of the ordinary. I started travelling and saw the contrast about how other people can be happy with so little around them. that I learn to become grateful to where I am and especially the things that come easy around me. from not struggling so much in life. knowing that I’m not alone. that I’m able to eat more than 3 meals a day even tho I choose not to eat sometimes (calories.. lol) those simple things that I can be thankful about every morning and everyday. enough to know that I live comfortably.

Dubai, UAE

6. Never stop dreaming

there were times that circumstance in your life puts you temporarily out of the line or path you wanna take. when you get distracted with so many things happening around you. take a pause. have a conversation with yourself, ask yourself “what do you want?”(even tho that’s the hardest question for everyone) can’t answer, then never give finding an answer. always have something live for the next. whether it be petty or silly. even tho you know how the world will criticise you. but at the end of the day. It’s a life that you to live by your self. dreaming and acting how to get is the way to live it. “we might not know how, but let’s just do it.” it’s one of the realisation I realized when I started to reflect on people in different parts of the world Ive been to.

Dubai, UAE

7. Living the now

It became a bad habit of mine to be anxious on a question “what’s next?” to every situation and moment I was in. i’ve learn this term before. but when life becomes so fast. feeling like you’re in a race. you tend to forget to appreciate what surrounds you. the focus of living in the moment by the things you currently see and feel. it is important to submit if you can to the wonders that the world is offering you. feel as if there is no 2nd time around and just be in it. live it now…

**** will further post on the outfits and place I’ve been to. and I have not proof read yet haha.


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