Dubai Beach

Dubai… it is an ellipses of positive overwhelming experience. the luxury living and the high life is just so different from the so many countries that i’ve been to. the countless vacations I’ve had. I’d probably visit again and bring my parents for them to see, and also in a condition of a favorable weather. summer in the middle east is just terrible for me.

And because I’m in a city known for it’s luxury lifestyle and living, I decided to bring a little luxury with me. This is the Jumeirah Beach as far as I can remember walks away from Marina place that I’m staying. this is a public beach… It’s funny because I can’t afford to have a sunburn at that moment because of work, and the next thing you know my skin is peeling like snake’s skin… so yeah. I piled tons of son block and wore this.



shirt by H&M, Sunglasses by F&H, bag by Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere, Shorts by Givenchy Leather bermuda, Bangle by Hermes Clic Clac



on a side note… there was too much going on before coming to Dubai, As I’ve lost my Iphone coming from Bangkok. cancelled my ticket to Dubai last minute; cause I was so upset and book on a later date haha. not just that… the disaster part was. I lost my wallet together with my cards and ID. I’m sure everyone who has lost something like this can relate how inconvenient and a hassle to redeem and cut those cards back. but I’m over it. so much for my journey of being 22… and now that I just turned 23 last july 24, I’d be more responsible (actually i became paranoid with my belongings) with the stuff I have.


I have to admit that I am slacking in posting and been lazying about it. I had nothing to do tonight that’s why I decided to update my blog from my last post.

I can’t showcase much of the whereabouts I’ve been but I will try my best to post some pictures relating to this.


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