Simply Sophisticated

this post is directly from my phone… and that is what I wanted to call my look for today. I was running around, buying some stuff for my coming 10 day off from work… before I head to Indonesia then get a plane from Qatar to head to manila. funny because I was really digging this look while doing some shopping and feeling it. lol… i’m the verge of over but not quiet dressed. looking simple is sometimes the hardest thing to pull off… i know some fashionistas can relate out there… that you have these pieces with tons of details that can make you seem over dressed for a no reason. but I’m a victim of one of the most powerful art there is… which is fashion. I kinda don’t mind looking over dressed than under in whatever circumstance. to all my readers out there. whatever you wear. own it… feel good about it. I wish I can post religiously… yet I will try. I already have a pile of photos already. 


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