3 Reasons why everyone should wear a sunblock

Everybody loves the sun, and I myself is guilty of this. Everybody knows that there are harmful effects of those rays to our skin; like the Common UVA or UVB rays effects to our skin.


UVA and UVB are the common UV(ultra violet) rays emitted by the sun, and will be explained why it causes our skin to age. 

    UVA rays burns and damages the outer layer of your skin which is the epidermis. These rays cannot penetrate through the looking glass like the mirrors of your car or our sunglasses. In other words it’s not that harmful to our skin. But it is still very important to buy products that contain one of these protection (UVA protection).

But what’s more important is the

  UVB… It does not only burn the surface of your skin but also the penetrated deep into the layers of your skin(epidermis). That causes more damaging effects to our skin like the collagen that gives the skin quality to it’s youth looking. That is why its very important to buy these product containing those two contents.

As little as SPF(SUN PROTECTION FACTOR) 21 or more would do according to experts.



Over exposure to the UV rays mentioned at number 1 can lead you to skin cancer; especially those who have the history of the disease and must treat early signs to prevent it’s fatal effect.


Experts say that 90% of skin agin and damage is because of the sun. every exposure contributes to the possible damage of our skin at a cellular level that builds up overtime.

so go and pop those sunscreen and enjoy the sun.




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