Los Angeles, USA PART 1


I was so excited to set my foot to LA and meet my friends. I got so hooked to LA because of my friends. I’m now planning and figuring things out how am I gonna move to LA. feels like there is a never ending if things to do and things to try in Los Angeles. not to mention, tons of opportunity as well. who knows maybe next year I’ll be hustling in this town.



(just want to share a rare view of the northpole)

I really couldn’t sleep well because I was so excited about what’s gonna happen on my trip. the moment I got into my hotel at Marriot Anaheim next to disney land. I phoned my friend that “i’m here!” my big sister (my soulmate) came and welcomed me with a hug (my friends are like my 2nd family). and we started everything again with a drink like we used to.


catching up like we’re not catching up(social media and facebook messenger) about our lives, priorities and everything, while we’re waiting for some friends to come.

we’re about to go to rodeo drive and leave our stuff as we hit the weho club in west hollywood.

I was already tipsy about to get more drunk at this hour (it was around 6pm already or 7) as my friend and I have been drinking since 4pm while waiting for my friend from vegas to arrive.

we got so hungry so we decided to grab something to eat before we party ourselves through the night. had more stories on the table that took us so long haha.


then next was WEHO. where everything was a blurr. totally.

that was story of my arrival of part 1


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