Los Angeles, USA Part 2 (never miss the Rodeo Drive vibe)

If you happen to pay a visit. sure not to miss Rodeo drive if you want to shop or chill a bit. forget about disney(kidding… I love disney I’d still go to). feel the culture of not being in the skyscrapers all the time. there is a lot of restaurants to try and shops to visit. and if youre not into those kind of things. still visit rodeo drive haha.

my friend screamed out of shock to spot this ride and abruptly opting me to take a pic with it. (It was very touristy of me haha)

 so candid

one of us has to buy something. this time it wasn’t me burning cash at Saint Laurent. but at sephora… yeah. everybody got something haha.

we don’t care. haha

MIU MIU and Dior on point


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