Paris France: THE LOUVRE (part 1)

I’ve been to Paris for the nth time now. I just love this city because of it’s breathe taking landscapes, architecture, great history, fashion, shopping and it’s people. parisians aren’t expressive in many ways. but they’re polite base on my experience and very nice to me so far. nonetheless… paris is peaceful… I couldn’t complain much about traffic because I find manila has the worst so far. your 15km by car will be driven by an hour time as of now’s condition. but for parisians… traffic condition is heavy in their context. but I don’t mind. there is just something about paris that you would love. I know I’ve talked about loving the countries I’ve been to. but they are all just lovely. if you’re in my shoes you’d say the same thing. and to conclude, there is a lot of things to love about the world the most people hate( and i just realized that right now. this instant while i’m typing haha).

and oh! btw if you’re a tourist. don’t forget to bring your passport. you can get free entrance from the louvre. just bare with the queue tho. I didn’t had enough time to visit but i’ll sure share you when I do.















I didn’t had time because i needed to prioritize shopping haha i know it’s silly but for those who feel me. say “I” haha


 and so I bought these


 and these















to be continued


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