All material things are disposable: remember SAVE

I know so many people in my age range or the so called millennials, who has the MOTO of “you only live once” or the “high life” kind of persona. the reckless and miss management of their finances to sustain a life style has been a common nuisance, for the sake of perfection to the generation of inheritance and regime of social media.


The hotel bills, designer stuffs, fancy vacation, premium airfares, and many more. and there are those that are smart enough to make money out of giving the idea of perfection or the new term “GOALS”


at my current stance… I had an obsession with finance. I am also guilty of implying a certain, typical image of millennial.


As I gather my research and continuously educate myself to all my facets in life. I never forget to always save. I will not come clean that I didn’t had my phase of reckless spending, burning cash for none sense stuff. as I grow older… became more wiser. I realized that being influenced by the outside standard of almost everyone’s perception of perfection, especially to the young ones is totally none sense. When I was back in university, i had this constant pressure, not to wear the same clothes, have the latest gadgets, travel here and travel there. I stepped into my 20’s and didn’t realize that i was still living the impractical life.


I had a phase of temporarily running out of cash in the middle of nowhere, feeling so down about it while being surrounded with people who are Happy with enough. I grew up in an environment that my parents would only buy food, clothing, and necessities according to our needs. and as a young kid you don’t really realize what you have but always what you don’t have.


The social media that is full of fabricated glamor and style is always something that is very tempting. the aspiration of living the perfection. acquiring whatever vogue is trying to sell or elle homes.


writing this post made me realize… all those things that i had have become disposable. I fly to different countries and see through my own eyes, how ungrateful I have become. complaining most of the time about my standard of living not having enough of what is already more than enough for many.


I am now venturing my finances into the stock market( i wish to be successful about it). maybe traveling really does give you so many lessons from all the experience I made and realized.
I learned that having more than enough does not really mean anything, it does not really satisfy your quality of living. I’m not gonna be the first one to say this but it really is “the quality of relationship you make with other people is what makes the quality of your life better”. how I tried helping a friend who is in need financially, how I spoil my sister and argue with my parents for the sake of baring the real side of my humanity. How I treat a stranger in front me.

Realizing this worldly things is so temporary. but yet, my christian louboutins and gucci shoes temporarily gives me joy also reminds me how to be grounded cause i envy those who is enough with simple. but also how lucky I am that I can buy a thousand gran for a pair of shoes that can buy a dozen to those who don’t.


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