Money talk: How to save.


There are many ways to save your money. It all only differs on your “Willingness to save”. As a millennial; it is nurturing to travel, live your life, and make experiences while your young. But let us not forget we are not always forever young. In the process… our cells get damage, we get sick and our DNA’s age. At one point we will all turn 30 and 40… with bigger responsibilities and must have a financial stability (although, it doesn’t mean that when you’re old is you’re not able. But competition gets tougher). It’s hard to think that after a trip or a YOLO moment is you’ll be coming home with a pile of bills or an overdue rent.


It is never wrong to save even if it’s a little amount because in time, if you continue saving it will all sum up in a huge amount. There are still some people that don’t believe in savings, but only to live in excess of their income “yeah… maybe… If I’m a Kardashian or something” [laughs]. And for those who are normal working people like me. here are some tips on how I save my money.

1. 50/20/30

50% savings 20% bills 30% daily expenses

whenever I receive my salary at the end of the month. I immediately save 50% of it. I calculate my phone bill, subscriptions, and etc. then take 15% to 20% to pay those. then I have 30% to budget my everyday needs like: food, transportation, clothing(I rarely buy clothes nowadays) and etc.

or you can also interchange the percentage depending on your need. either 30% savings 20% daily expenses then 50% bills.

the goal is to save. if you can increase the percentage of your savings. the better.

2. Buy what you only “Need.”

I use to give into my impulse and be tempted to over spend on things or little things. that ended up becoming a huge sum amount of money if only I spent it wisely. Don’t buy so much food that are perishable and gets rotten within 3 days or canned foods that ended ups being stocked, then a year later gets expired. plastic wares, hallow wears, fad utensils that you don’t really need in your daily cooking life(only if you have passion for cooking or a chef wannabe). little things, that if summed is a lot of money that could have been saved or better use of something else.

3. Whenever your about to buy something ask yourself “DO I NEED THIS?”

This is a perfect question that I always ask myself when I buy clothes and answer “I dont need this” but ended up buying it still! just kidding! [laughs] (i used to)

I’m just a human being… each and everyone of us has an addiction. Unlucky me I have so many, not just clothing. uhgg I sometimes hate my life because of that (but not really).

So whenever I’m tempted to buy something I just like or want I ask myself this question. hard! really HARD! and repetitively!

4. I either buy something at the end of the month from the excess of my expense or I buy something at the very first then maximize my daily expense budget.

It really does take experience and practice to save money. it also a trial and error, whenever I want to treat myself something. I mostly don’t take it from my savings, I take it from my daily expense. there are times that I have to adjust my savings especially when I’m planning on my vacation, but the goal is to always save. whenever I have set aside my savings, and I really want to buy something. I either wait for 30 days and see what’s left on my money, or buy it already then adjust my my daily expense that would still cover up my daily allowance to myself.

5. Spread your savings.

  It is easy to be tempted to take a little or too big from your savings especially when it’s accessible. you can always open an account thru a bank and put your money just don’t touch it. you can either destroy the debit card that comes with it or just keep it in a safe. what I personally do is I have separate cards and different accounts, I also keep a spread sheet on how much each has. I never put my card that I don’t want to use in my everyday wallet or I don’t put each account number as beneficiary ( so you can transfer money online bank to bank) at my online statement, so I don’t get tempted to transfer money from one account to another. you can also convert some of your currency to a stronger monetary value of the moment so you don’t spend them right away. you can also time deposit your cash for a more stricter way to save.

6. Make an excel file on your spending

  This helps to keep a track record to where your money goes. how much you have spending and how much you have been saving. this is also a good way on how to tailor your spending habits if you’re aiming to save more or be more responsible on your spendings. also a good way to reflect

7. Get addicted to Saving

I came to a point that I feel so stingy(but not really! still normal, I just don’t splurge as much as I do before) that I feel bothered when I touch my savings cause I feel like my net-worth is also decreasing [laughs]( i feel like I’m a celeb whenever I think of my net-worth haha). It feels odd for me whenever I spend on something petty rather than just saving it for good use. makes me feel happy when my savings keeps getting higher.

8. Have a healthy competition

This maybe not the best advice when you’re an adult because sometimes money can cause problems to family and especially to friends. If you have a close friend who is open minded and willing to share how much they have save like you do. it’s nice to feel motivated or be in a healthy competition whenever you feel like your’e over spending or getting behind. this is good suggestion if your in elementary or highschool.

9.  Save while your young

  There are benefits of saving while you’re young. Cause along the way the money you’ve saved can be put into good use. either for you’re college fund, rent, house, amortization and even a treat for yourself or your loved ones. better!? get yourself a car!

10. Enjoy saving.

At one point you have to enjoy the fruits of your labor, the discipline to set your priorities, and especially the will not to give into the daily desires of life in front of us. there will come a time that you will realize the essence of your hard work and hard earned savings. It is only up to you to decided when and how you’re going to use it.


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