The Men and Make up

There are probably a lot of men out there that has mixed emotions regarding about basic make up like the foundation.

I personally have nothing against men who uses foundation to look groomed especially if you have an acne prone type of skin and not gifted with good skin like me. no matter how much you take care of it, you will always break out from here to there especially on a certain season and worst; on a very important occasion.

For some women, it is not attractive to go on a date with someone who has a zit or a terrible acne. A little foundation to even out your skin tone or hide some blemish will definitely do the trick.

don’t be fooled about the men you admire on the red carpet going bare most the time, or those who’s face is always on the television. for all you know… it’s not just a foundation. đŸ˜‰

Remember if you’re not very comfortable to buy one for your self at a make up store or a cosmetic store. always ask or bring a female friend with you to help you pick the right shade and color for you.

here are some brands that will help you look more groomed that is also suitable for your combination to oily skin type and those of you that has normal skin type god says “you can use any” :


nars brand

nars brand by paulo-gonzales featuring nars cosmetics

I personally love the composition of this collection from their item; because it helps me look matte for as long 5 hours and when my skin starts to build up its oil, it does tend to look more like your 2nd natural skin. Plus, the bottle comes with a pump that is easier to apply on your finger tips, dab to your face then pat with a make up sponge(beauty blender) to distribute through out your face. Weather you’re dry to normal to oily, I feel like this product is very suitable to any skin type.

Plus it’s very light weight and build-able. But I personally advice not to go beyond three pumps, two pumps is enough to make your skin tone even and you can add more if you feel like you need more coverage on certain areas of your face. and not to mention the bottle looks so versatile that it’s not embarrassing to carry one if you intend to carry one.

2. Loreal Infallible Pro- Matte


loreal by paulo-gonzales featuring L’OrĂ©al Paris

L Oréal Paris foundation, 83 QAR / L Oréal Paris long wearing foundation, 36 QAR / L Oréal Paris foundation, 40 QAR

I place this one on my T-zone and this drug store make does it’s justice. it’s also light wear, feels like you’re not wearing any and really does control your oily skin problem, if you have very dry skin; I don’t suggest that you use this one cause this tends to be matte for dry type kind of skin.

3. Bobbi Brown skin foundation SPF 15

bobbi brown

bobbi brown by paulo-gonzales featuring a spf foundation

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics spf foundation, 120 QAR / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics spf foundation, 120 QAR

This creamy light weight foundation is amazing if you’re trying to have a little sun protect from UV rays, as it come with SPF 15 to give a little amount of protect. It is also build-able and just glides to your skin.



Mac by paulo-gonzales featuring an oil free foundation

I have a love and hate relationship with this product.

Hate because it doesn’t come with a pump, and it tends to be messy getting onto your finger tips. You have to purchase the pump separately.

Love because it gives a full coverage to hide your imperfection.

these are my top products that I personally use.


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