I Got Plastic Surgery… and I don’t care what you think.

There is an unpleasant notion attached to the word “Plastic surgery”- It’s something I’m aware of and prepared for even before deciding to have it. I saw the possibility of inviting the-hate and shame from anonymous trolls towards the stigma of surgical enhancement. The possible mockery I might receive, from the cultured and traditional individuals hiding behind the screens, and watching on their devices; Preaching me about: “Natural beauty and why he[God] gave it”. I would love to change that…

“be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

As I approach my 20’s, I began to realize that as soon as I reach 21, my bone structure would have reached its final form. But I never really concentrated with the idea of getting work done. There is something I’ve been subconsciously insecure about ever since, and kept diminishing the idea whenever I think of getting my nose done. I was close to turning 25 and I want to get rid of the insecurities I have before the stage of my Quarter life is about to happen. 7 months before my birthday… There was a heavy thought that I’ve immensely kept thinking about within the year, and frequently telling my self “if I don’t do it, when am I going to do it?” So I’ve anxiously contemplated to rhinoplasty within those months; if I should I do it? or I shouldn’t? I’ve finally decided to kill the “ifs” and commit to the change I’ve been wanting to change.

6 or 7 months before turning 25, I started doing research: consulted 4 different doctors, read different forums/ blogs, watching people’s experience and recovery on youtube, getting myself into a support group, and friends who are close to me; open to share their transformation and journey about their nose job[rhinoplasty]. I was finally equipped and fully decided to choose Belo medical group as my clinic to perform the operation. Dr. Pascual was a blessing in disguise, and it’s funny how he ended up as my surgeon – he did an amazing job!

It was May 10, 2017, inside the surgery room – feeling so anxious about my surgery. don’t know what’s gonna happen… they  started the sedation, I began to feel good and shifted my anxieties while telling myself that “everything is gonna be fine.”

My recovery period was roughly 10 days with minimal bruising and unoticable swelling. 3 months later… When all the traces of tenderness and minimal bruising were completely gone; I started feeling my best. 

7 days after my cast and stitches were off, I started posting on my IG stories and close friends of mine begun wondering- that something changed on my face. To my surprise, even my really close friends couldn’t even tell the difference. I have to admit, the courage to tell-the-truth wasn’t an easy mantra. There were lots of anxiety behind my decision to tell the world and share it to Social Media that “I had plastic surgery.”

but I wanted to cut the conundrum of speculations and gossips if I had something done or not. I don’t want to keep defending myself or feeling accountable to answer each question thrown at me directly or indirectly.

“I don’t want to live a life constantly denying and lying.”

Was I playing it safe whenever I’m being interrogated by other people, and being in-denial about it? at first – yes, I was… and I’m not gonna lie about it. It wasn’t an overnight “I-got-plastic-surgery and I don’t care what you think.” kind of attitude right away. My journey and my circle’s reaction to my decision metamorphosized my growth as a human being in the process of my journey upon this matter. I realized enough is enough… I don’t want to put lies on top of lies to a silly modification about my face. Judge me all you want, criticize me for my bad skin or visible pores; I don’t care anymore… I have to stop putting pressure on myself, about someone else’s idea of perfect but because the reality is: no one is, and no one will ever be perfect.

I don’t want to be the subject nor the others who’ve done it, to be part of this stigma because we aren’t brave enough to admit it ourselves; nor to be an example of hypocrisy about the truth. Instead, we can inspire others about the psychological results of attaining the perfect level of self-esteem that can bring the best out of our living.  I’ve been a victim of a stereotype that I wasn’t good looking enough, fit enough, tall enough, or attracted enough thrown at me – till I’ve had enough. But that didn’t cause me to alter myself just because I wanted to please those who highlighted my imperfections. I want to feel good about myself; that I won’t wake up anymore contemplating how I look like. Of course, I’m not diminishing the other valid reasons why we did it, and this is just mine. No excuse, no Cover-up.

Surgery or no Surgery, you would never be enough to someone who has unrealistic expectations about life. never let the lurkers be the cause to change yourself or the way you are, only because you don’t fit their prejudice standards or category. do it because you want it… make yourself feel better, but not to make them feel better.

We’re in an era that we have to stop thinking and worrying about the Ideals and standards of people’s requirements thrown at us: from how we should you look, weight, how to age and about what you should-not and should become. We have to stop judging people’s sources of confidence to what makes them feel good about themselves. We all have our private and different contexts on how we get our confidence. Stop putting Labels to someone about “THE GIRL/GUY WHO HAD PLASTIC SURGERY.” and put them into the box of society’s utopian standard of living.

it’s 2017– we have to break the Plastic surgery taboo


There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery… only to those who choose to see and magnify its flaw and seizes someone else’s ability to transform themselves for the better of their state of being.


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