Sporting Gucci Marmont belt at summer in Paris.

Summer falls between late of May or early June of the year; Neither one of the seasons is an excuse to compromise on fashion. I love Paris so much, that I never get tired of touring around the city. You probably know by now, that I have a passion for fashion. It was about 28 degrees 2 months ago in Paris: there were light winds and less humidity at that month of the year- just enough to wear something comfortable while showing a little skin and look casual at the same time. I wanted to wear something laid back and not too summer casual, like the typical shorts and tank top summer look. So I decided to wear a black collarless sleeve – rolled up to my elbow, and my favorite grey shorts which I bought from Thailand, when I was visiting. Adding some accessories like a belt from the Gucci Marmont line, and a Juste Un Clou Bangle from Cartier. Simple and laid back; yet, compelling.

It’s also the first time that I wore this Gucci belt a week after I bought it. I’m not a big fan of trends, to be honest; but this piece does not exude the vibe of “I have money and I’m chavy.” thanks to Alessandro Michele, for turning it up and giving Gucci, a new
Identity for this generation’s style and fashion. His Designs gave new varieties – for the existing older demographics of the company and brought a new market that appealed to the younger consumers of the brand. I’m OBSESSED! I used to feel awful about people wearing Gucci before. But now… because of their new creative director and their modern-approach to their ready to wear pieces; my mind and perception have shifted entirely about the brand. They make me want to get my hands on their RTW collection: from shoes to sunglasses, and t-shirts.

top from H&M, belt from Gucci, Bangle from Cartier

Gucci is so big this year that every fashion blogger, instagramer, celebrities, and personalities possess a piece of something from their items in stores. Gucci isn’t as Hype as they were 5 years ago – as a matter of fact – they experienced a decline in sales during those periods. Compared to now… you see their collection to almost all personalities out there in the media and social media, and I indulged to one of their in-demand accessories of today’s trend in the market. check out the outakes I have as you scroll thru.

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I don’t want to waste the photos I took, why I decided to share and blog about it; Even tho I’ve taken tons of pictures already in this landmark before. Plus, I want to share to you guys – why I’m in love with their collection up-to this date. I blogged about my visit in New York and you’ll see that I’m wearing a 2015 model of Gucci sneakers from Alessandro’s tenure in the Company[Gucci].

I can’t stop laughing, whenever I think of the struggle taking these picture in this angle of the arch. The life and death kind of situation my colleagues and I put ourselves into, just to look cute lol! as you notice, I’m in the middle of the road in this picture — imagine that!


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