Beautiful Sidi Bou Said Tunisia: I finally came to visit!

I always have mistaken my friends staycationing in Mykonos, Greece; whenever I scroll thru their feed and be mesmerized with those rich blue color of the sea, and infrastructure around it while sitting in envy. For 2 years and half of being a flight attendant, I’m so disappointed with myself that I didn’t bother visiting this magnificent Sidi Bou Said place in Tunisia, plus…. there wasn’t a hefty amount tourist around the area, just perfect to capture that picture with less dilemma of background crowd and photo bombers.

It was around 24 to 27 degrees Celcius around this time of the year (October 19, 2017) you can still wear something fashionably summer, but here I am anticipating it would be windy and all the time. I ended up packing and wearing a knitted crew neck from Ralph Lauren; good thing that I always keep a pair of shorts and jeans in my suitcase, in case I’m uncertain of the weather condition to the place I’m visiting. I could have packed a more summer outfit like T-shirt and a more colorful shorts.

I knew that I’d be walking a lot so I decided to wear my running shoes instead of the loafers that I packed, not to mention that most of the flooring is bricked – it wouldn’t be inconvenient to walk on something almost flat without cushion on your sole(ironically coming from me, I don’t usually choose comfort over style).

vibrant place of SIDI bou Said in Tunisia
I was staying in Ramada hotel that is approximately 15 to 20 mins far from this place[Sidi Bou Said]. There is a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the area around 3 pm(coordinate with the concierge), or you can take a normal cab anytime you want and it would cost you 6 Tunisian Dinar (2.42 USD).  Within a day, 24 usd is more than enough to buy a very decent meal including your transport going and coming back. It’s not the cheapest but somehow it’s already cheap compared to other places. I still feel that prices aren’t right when your a tourist compared if you’re just a local, but then again… that’s how it is most of the time whenever you visit somewhere else; I kinda got used to it already by experience.

The sun does not set in this part of Tunisia, but this place is still beautiful as it is in the daytime and sunset hour. I’d probably visit the ruins in La Marsa the next time and some other interesting places here in Tunisia. I decided not to vlog anymore because I lose so much moment whenever I film in Place that I’m visiting for the first time. Café Sidi Chabaane is famous for its cliffside view cascading below, overlooking the yachts and sea line. Café Sidi Chabaane is also the place to take these vibrant pictures I took.

beautiful place of Sidi Bou said

walking in the Upper village, there are many things you can find from their cultural Bowls and Vases and street art for sale in the area beautifully laid out for all the tourists to see.

anywhere you go you’ll see their signature colors – uniform shade of blue doors, white walls, and staircases. Iron grilles and it’s window screens (known as moucharabiehs, according to my friend) painted in Azure blue in the range of its pigment.

It’s so calming to see their culture’s way of living and aesthetics in this village, on how they decorate their textiles and patterns of their doors and windows.

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riding a bike in tunisia

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there are a number of doors that will lead you to different artisan’s studio and shops. this place is will give so much inspiration for all artist out there. I saw some photographers and travel bloggers( like me) trying to feature this city. I wish I could have stayed for a few more days in this place.


but definitely, I’ll be back soon.

camera: FUJIFIL xt-10 / Iphone 6s

lens: 35mm f2

editor: VSCO


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