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Rain or Shine, I always dress to impress so. Summer is the season of showing more skin and less fabric, but that is never an excuse for me to dress down when I want to… plus I’m in Paris! Short Suit is the right one here in this time of the year.the real deal is the blazer I’m wearing came with a pair of trousers that I bought from ZARA, that I used in a wedding earlier around January. I was searching for something to wear for my trip and I couldn’t think of anything to wear anymore, so I opted to re-wear the blazer I wore from the wedding and pair it with the shorts that I luckily have the same exact color(I was diving in a pile of jeans in my closet in search for this shorts that I bought in one the shop inside SM malls in the Philippines).

It’s the first time I wore this Hermes Swift Epsom in a shade of blue(I can’t remember the exact name of the color) ever since I bought it like 6 months ago, and I swear…. up to this date I haven’t used it on occasions I’ve been. I sometimes don’t want to give “the in your Face” vibe by wearing statement accessories from brands momentarily, but Paris is totally an exception for me.

paulo gonzales in Eiffel Tower in summer wearing Short suits
I rarely see guys wear a Short Suit look in the summer season, although It really wasn’t a complete look because I was wearing an oversized V-neck shirt beneath the blazer because It’s summer.

I also decided to bring my Keepall Damier 45 to carry my cameras while touring the area.

there is a lot of beautiful background in Paris to take a professional selfie lol! I don’t want to miss it.

the FUN CRAZY PARIS CREW. from the picture, you’ll notice that it’s cloudy. It was drizzling, to be honest. here is a youtube clip of this trip.


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