Why Visit at Fall in New York city

New York city is something beautifully chaotic for me, there are many reasons why I love to visit New York from time to time, not only that there are so much diversity and culture in one city; but shopping too!

It’s a tough city I must say, everybody is doing their own god damn business in this city( which is also a good thing ). No one really cares much about what you wearand what you do. It’s like your “Right” to be who you are in New York City.

Warm days and cool evenings is just a perfect reason to wear two different outfits in one day. Fall is also the season of changing fashion in New York City and like the rest of the fashion capital of the world. New collections from different fashion houses and ready to wear companies are updating their collections. meaning; it’s the perfect time for clearance sale from the previous collection to get our hands on!

paulo gonzales New york city

This is my 3rd time to be in new york in all honesty, and this was the first time that I’m able to visit the Rockefeller Center. If you are wondering why I was wearing a sweater; It’s pretty chilly and I’m really sensitive to cold for some reason(I have extreme sensitivity to temperatures for some genetical reasons)

The weather is perfect. the sun isn’t very hot like, it’s burning everything and you can just walk around the busy streets while grabing some refreshing drink.

I jumped with Joy when I saw this Consul here in New York with the big sign that says Philippines in it!  

and not mention the loots I bought from Sephora.

top from Pull and Bear/ shorts that I bought from a rtw store in bangkok/ shoes from Gucci/ bag from Chanel

I don’t want to miss to try a creative shot haha. or like a street shot.

The night has fallen and there is still more a lot to see from this city, I will be back for sure soon. whenever I get the chance to fly here in new york; I always prepare and plan everything about my day. Because Sadly, If I’m operating as cabin crew for a flight, I only get 24 hrs to do almost everything that I can. even tho it might seem short, trust me! there is a lot of things to uncover and discover about New york. My stay in the city is not enought to see almost all the interesting places, but I manage to visit bit by bit, so that I have more things to look forward to my next visit. I still havn’t been to the statue of Liberty, and Central ParkI. I did not manage to take a good picture at the brooklyn bridge, but I manage to see it in an unwated circumstance; because my colleagues and I got lost. Unfortunately the World trade memorial was close at the time, so I didn’t manage to take a good picture from the area. those are the things i’m looking forward to my next visit.




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      October 4, 2017 / 4:50 pm

      thanks annie, glad that you liked it!

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