the comeback of Studded Leather Jacket

I was hoping for a sale when I visited the Aeroville Mall in Paris. Walking inside the Zara shop and I saw this studded faux leather jacket and instantly got reminded of the Philip Plein United Jacket and Burberry Prorsum studded Spring Summer 2011 leather Jacket


I couldn’t get my hands on these pieces for they were sold out everywhere. fashion is crazy: they make you buy a really expensive piece only to be outdated the next season. So I opt for a more affordable Jacket in the market.

the jacket is HEAVY! the leather itself is already heavy plus the metal stud embellished and pinned on the material. but every fashionista would always opt for style rather than comfort and I, unfortunately, am one of them. 

The Jacket’s construction is a combination of machine and hand placements of studs. it’s also in the mid-affordable/high street wear that won’t break your bank.

This piece is one of a classic punk chic when it comes to leather jackets. Biker jackets aren’t going anywhere and that’s one thing for sure… This type of jacket is a powerful statement piece that you can wear everywhere and automatically catches attention. the amount of embedding and precision is something to be recognized for these type of clothing when it comes to studded leather jackets.

It is a heavy jacket I must say. But once you put it on; you don’t feel that much weight on your body, just avoid wearing this to the airports — You wouldn’t want to set off each metal detector and add up an extra weight on your hand carry or check-in luggage.

It would take another season for this to become a trend in fashion, as these type of pieces is something to put into your archives and re-wear it because it will stay relevant forever. I don’t mind wearing this over and over again for the succeeding years and trends to come. Because we all know that classic piece never go out of style


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  1. November 11, 2017 / 6:16 am

    It is a very cool Jacket! Fits perfect to you ! :)) Keep going i love your style !

    Have a nice day

    – hijadelalunna

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