Goyard St. Louis gm tote men

The influence of social media is definitely influential to me. I was only scrolling thru my Feed and I saw a couple of guys carrying this Goyard tote onto my feed. The style isn’t so bad to look at, but yet I was also looking for another reason to spend and buy something. I sometimes wonder If I’m a shopaholic – but I guess not. I never excessively buy something only to be broke the next day or starve for the remaining days of the month to come (believe me there are many people out there who does that). I make it to a point that I have enough savings and bills are paid every month before I purchase something really expensive or splurge on something else. And so I happen to have a friend who’s flying to Milan, I didn’t want to miss the chance to get one; since I don’t want to shovel the streets of Paris getting into to a Goyard store. I sent my friend the address and the pin the google maps on his phone, so It’ll be easier for him. I’ll let him keep the money if he decides to the tax refund; either way, it’s still cheaper buy it Europe rather than somewhere else part of the world.

Goyard bag for men


but I have to be honest. I rarely use this bag, not even as an errands bag. I’ve probably held this bag three times.

one is when I knew I was doing some errands like groceries(I know it’s ridiculous to carry a Goyard bag only to put all your stuff in there instead of a paper bag or eco-bag) or carrying some extra clothes the time I did a Campaign for a beauty medical group.

goyard and louis vuitton

Ok… I’m taking it back I can’t think of the third time that I used this bag. I’ve used it twice.

I was thinking of bringing this to a beach in the near future. and wish me luck to remember to bring it on a trip instead of my Louis Vuitton keepall that holds almost everything you need for a day weekend trip(but the truth is, I’m not a light traveller, If I can bring the whole house with me… I will).

Goyard bag for men

but don’t get me wrong, there are many reasons why this bag is a must-have.

  • it carries a lot of stuff
  • has a lot of space for just about anything
  • comes with a pouch to keep your cards or some cash
  • it’s subtle luxury feeling, compare to a neverful from Louis Vuitton(which isn’t versatile in my opinion)
  • Unisex in its aesthetics, you can even use it as a gym bag(which I haven’t)

Points that I find missing about the bag

  • I wish this bag has another zipper insider to keep your important valuables inside
  • the Price is too much for a weekend bag

click this link for price update http://www.pursebop.com/grab-go-the-goyard-reference-guide/

credits to pursebop

Goyard tote for men


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