Beautiful Prague of Czech Republic revived my traveling spirit

For the past few months, I’ve been visiting cities and infrastructures of different countries ever since I came back from Los Angeles. I was trying out different foods, clubs, and parks from Bangkok to Melbourne to Guangzhou. Growing up in a city… the city life has been pretty normal for me. A normal busy street, convenience from here to there, fast food at every corner, and whatever the city has to offer. I requested to visit Prague a month ago and I was so happy when I finally checked my schedule for the next month and I saw Prague as one of the destinations I’m about to operate.

Packed two winter outfits just in case the other isn’t protective enough or the other is too warm for winter. even though I know approaching the Czech Republic will be -2 degrees. In the past months and years of seeing different places, you somehow get used to the beauty of the world has to offer, so I try to just request for flights that I need to do something or run some errands I need to do. I kind of stepped aside from the seeing and traveling. Once we landed in Prague approaching the hotel. I can’t help to be thrilled how beautiful Prague is… too bad that I couldn’t stand the cold so I didn’t manage to take a good picture in the night. But I surely will be back in the summer.
there is no definite plan where to go, But I managed to google the top must-see places in Prague our First stop was this Dancing house or Fred and Ginger [is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building on the Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague]
 and discovering the streets while I was with my colleagues walking our way to Charles Bridge

far approaching we can sight the long bridge of Charles Bridge, and as expected there is tons of tourist crossing the bridge, and it was a little difficult to take a picture of yourself; instead of getting rid of them why not just let them be part of it. But before I share the pics from the bridge, I’d share first some pics of myself I took being the bridge as my Background.



and finally the pics in the bridge.

paulo gonzales at Charles bridge

after bearing the Cold and Busy bridge we headed to the old town which is minutes walk from the bridge around (8 minutes if I’m not mistaken, but approximately… it was around 8-10). Luckily the Christmas Market is already open around this time [12:00 pm of that afternoon].

The Prague astronomical clock, or Prague orloj a medieval astronomical clock

next stop is OF COURSE FOOD!I ordered Pork Knuckles while dining in this amazing view of the Old town.

I wanted to share this pic with this cute kid while I was taking a video of the place.

now the night has commenced


it got really cold towards the sunset around -5, so my colleagues and I decided to just call it a night. But surely next time, I will try and request for this destination in the summer. I know it’s ridiculous to say this but after coming from leave and heading back to work, I felt like I was in for the first time to see this beautiful place. I guess sometimes adulthood gives you that certain flatness of your living temporarily. Seeing Prague… I was somehow happy again.


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