What I learned about myself in 2017

We all know that time flies really fast, moments happen in a blink of an eye, slowly remembered by our narrated thoughts and words. I still reminisce the day that I didn’t have any idea about how my future is going to look like. It’s because I choose to live day by day like it was my last day. I lived like it was my last, that I should do it now or I shall do it never. I manage to set my foot little by little about the things that I just wondered and thought of. I consider 60% of my circumstance as luck and the other 40% to- I was looking for my luck.

I used to live by the word “you’re only young once”. as I turn 26 next year, there would be a lot of things that I need to leave behind. but that change has to start this January 1


I’ve acquainted myself with friends who like to gossip, stick their nose to someone else’s affair or business, and finds entertainment in the misery of others. In short… toxic with inferiority issues individual. I don’t find it healthy anymore to be with someone that brings up their drama in life and or the drama of others but at the end of the conversation, they just want to feel important and make you feel that their life is very colorful… now it’s all theirs to color. you really can’t speak on someone behalf why their life is their life. because at the end of the day there is also something about you and me to why we are the way we are. I would preferably surround myself more with people that likes to talk about ideas, wonders, society. Instead of those of the issues of other people’s problem.


I need to stop feeling sorry for friends who’ve made a poor choice now or a bad decision years ago. I admire friends that continue to chase their dreams despite the inconveniences of their situation. It isn’t easy to start living on your own, paying your bills and your monthly rent. I feel so proud to friends that are finally a person on their own without anyone telling them or controlling them how to live their lives and of course, there are also friends that I feel sorry all the time because they still let other people and circumstance as a reason to be stuck to where they are. It’s time to accept that it’s the life to they choose to make.


I treat my day like it was my last, I realized that “no… it actually isn’t my last”. I didn’t focus much on my future, but I wasn’t irresponsible about it either. I have saved enough to only comfortably live for about 3 years without doing anything, including some extra necessities from here to there… and that kinda of bothered me. This time I want to think ahead for the rest of my living. to actually focus on my real future, not needing to worry about medical, insurance bill, or retirement fund. because each day leads to another day and that new 3,000 dollar bag or a new pair 1,500 dollar shoes can put on to better things for the future.


each day is indeed a learning lesson, I never realized that I’d be so comfortable with myself that I started appreciating and loving myself. I now get to realized that there is nothing wrong about the 85% of my being and the other 15%? that’s something we all don’t like about ourselves that needs improvement, or something that makes you human. that we aren’t all good. I’ve learned to embrace the real me throught this year.


It does not hurt to do a small deed to make someone happy or a stranger happy.


there is nothing wrong with basic t-shirt and some ripped jeans.


Relationships will come. I used to get impatient waiting for the right person. But I realized I wasn’t right enough. I have more learning and discovering that learned about myself. if it happens then it happens, if not. then not. (but please come already! kidding!)


I used to be the type of person that likes to make my circle bigger, as grow older… I’m more happy that I have a few friends that I can stick with thru thick and thin. It is something that I got lucky and fortunate about. I remember a friend residing in australia that I havn’t seen in ages telling me “it’s funny how our friendship lasted… we havn’t seen each other for years but it felt like it was just yesterday” those are the friends i’ve made. the people i grew up with.


Your relationship with your family is the most important strengthen it and cherish it. they’re the perfect reminder that you can’t bring back time. make every moment count.


I used to be so shy if I’m about to do something, from likes to shares and whatever esteem issues social media has brought upon me. but now… I’ll do what I want, as long as I’m not harming nor derogating other people.


live my life






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