I never expected that I would operate this flight in my career as a flight attendant. But why not, it’s an experience. the weather is perfect even tho I’m not allowed to stay too much in the sun because I’m currently on accutane for about 5 months now. We’re checked in at Kempinski Djibouti. they have an amazing hotel and scenic view of the ocean from the pool. the resort also gives you this kind of private island luxury vibe, Although Kempinski is one the luxury hotels.

If you are wondering why I didn’t explore the country at all? it’s because we’re already staying in the hotel that it’s all that there is, the scenic beach from the photos above. there is something I wanted to say about the locals in that countries. as their facial feature are far more different from their african neighboring countries, the have a smaller nose almost european like of a bridge with plummer lips and baby face look, which is kind of an interesting genealogy.

too bad most of locals are shy to take a picture why I didn’t manage to get one, also to avoid the impression of being “the crazy tourist guy”.

I wanted to explore the place but weren’t allowed to leave the premise for security reasons. but none the less, it was still an experience for me.


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